Hidde Schultze
@ux/ui developer.

Founder VisualRadioAssist & hidde.dev
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Get more out of radio. Automate broadcast-ready Visual Radio.



🐇 DierverzorgingAeres

Animalcare logging and automation system scaleable for students.


Technical Founder
VisualRadioAssist B.V.
2017 now

Building full-time now.

After many years of managing own radiostations and studio’s I thought about making it easier to start with Visual Radio, for every radiostation – from small to regional and national audience (NPO).

Development, sales and management of a videoplayout software and cloud solution. Design and development of user friendly interfaces for both editors and technical staff endusers. Broadcast-level 24/7 availability for international clients.

back-end engineeringbilling/licensing systemcross-platform software developmentSAASC++custom cloud solutionsbroadcast
Freelancer / Founder
hidde.me / hidde.dev
2017 now

Development and videomarketing for educational institutions up to SMEs.

Custom software / web development of various web shops, event sites, restaurant reservation systems and quotation systems.
From mid-2019 continued as agency hidde.dev with a team of permanent designers and developers.

webdevelopment.gif marketingUI/UX designWordpress
2017 – 2023

As a Lead Developer at Drimpy I’m responsible for most of the platform’ architecture, infra and software engineering.

Built MedMij PGO and DVZA functionality, with support for all Dutch Nictiz healthcare information standards, conform the "afsprakenstelsel". Built national Medicationdata exchange on LSP with industry standard health authentication. Connected with various external systems (EHR/XIS/Apps) to improve interobality in the healthcare sector.

e-HealthNEN 7510 ComplianceMedicationdata exchange (🇳🇱 LSP)HL7 / 🔥 FHIRQualification & acceptation processesLSP 🔗
Back-end engineer @ CoronaMelder 🦠
Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS)
2020 – 2021

As a Back-end engineer in the NL Covid-19 Notification App (CoronaMelder) core team I am working on the labtest validation with portal communication for the Dutch GGD (public health service).

.netgovernmentapp back-endangular
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👋 hi,

nice to meet you.

I'm Hidde Schultze, a freelance lead developer currently working from Utrecht 🚲

As a developer I strive to create the best experience for the end-user (B2C/B2B) by connecting multidisciplinary teams with UX, UI designers and front- and back-end developers.

I love working on projects that have a real and measurable impact on the society. Especially when it could improve healthcare or change the way people interact with radio broadcasts.